The main topics of research and projects implemented at the Department with the involvement of graduate students and doctoral students

As of today, the following research and educational projects are being implemented at the National Institute of Law from January 2022:

  1. Research work (under the main competition) state budget financing of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine Conceptual principles of reforming the system of law enforcement agencies in modern conditions of transformation of supervision and control to ensure the economic security of Ukraine.

 Head: Kulish A.M.

Responsible executor: Myrhorod-Karpova V.V.

2. Research work (young scientists), for state budget financing of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine. Development of a methodology for the cooperation of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine in countering the legalization of criminal proceeds. Leader: Reznik O.M.

Responsible executor: Bondarenko O.S.

3. Educational project – module of Jean Monet European standards for the protection of the rights of consumers of financial services.

  Head (coordinator): Shwager O.V.

4. Educational project – module of Jean Monet Local democracy: best European practices for Ukraine.

  Head (coordinator): Pankratova V.O.

  5. Educational project – module of Jean Monet Migration policy and EU law in the context of sustainable development goals.

  Head (coordinator): Slavko A.S.

Student science

Sumy State University, which implements the model of a research-type university, pays special attention to the development of scientific research by students, by involving them in carrying out scientific research works, publishing the results of scientific research, active participation of students in scientific competitions. In order to monitor the involvement of students in scientific and research activities at the system level, by order of the rector dated April 15, 2022, the indicators of scientific activity of students at the appropriate level were determined.

Scientific activity of students of the Academic and Research Institute of Law

Involvement in the performance of research work with wages66
The number of articles with the participation of students6229
The number of victories in All-Ukrainian contests of student research works2427
Entered graduate school66

Indicators on the level of scientific activity of students during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 academic years

Performing research work within the framework of state budget, farm contract or grant topics with wages.66
Participant of individual grant and other scientific programs (except for programs based on other indicators) from state, private and international funds.03
Participation in academic mobility programs with a scientific component or a scientific internship in higher education institutions or scientific institutions of OECD countries or other EU countries.1522
Sole author or co-author of a scientific article in a journal indexed by the scientometric databases Scopus and/or Web of Science Core Collection.12
Sole author or co-author of a scientific article included in the list of professional publications of category B.3835
Participation in the 1st round of the All-Ukrainian competition for student scientific papers in fields of knowledge and specialties, or other competitions of scientific papers at the international and all-Ukrainian levels.7375
Participation in scientific seminars, summer/winter schools, workshops, round tables, etc., which is confirmed by relevant documents.3171

Research Areas

Specialized Academic Councils